Bio Sculpture Canada Inc. was founded in 1997, and we are thrilled to have celebrated our 25th Anniversary in 2022.  We strive to provide premium quality products to clients who can appreciate the value of thoughtful design, environmental responsibility, and ethical manufacturing. We are distributors for two flagship professional brands: Bio Sculpture and Elim Spa Products. 

Ancient Egyptians invented pedicures in 2300 BC, and while many things have changed since then, pedicures did not until Elim came along!  Elim is reimagining the traditional pedicure, doing away with foot filing, credo blades and callus graters, sugar scrubs, and floral scents.  Active ingredients in Elim formulations are added with a scientific purpose in mind.  We offer a unique product with medical-grade ingredients manufactured using pharmaceutical standards. 

 Chief Executive Officer Erica Nieuwenhuis has 27 years of beauty industry experience and holds a doctorate in Molecular Medicine and Cancer Genetics with a research focus on the development of skin and hair. Passionate about science, education, and the beauty industry, she has woven these aspects together to create a vision of the best-educated beauty therapist using premium quality products in a profitable business model.     



The Elim Mission is to develop professional and retail products with proven results by translating advanced skin care technology to reimagine manicure and pedicure methods. 

 Elim aspires to employ sustainable manufacturing processes with an emphasis on wholesome ingredients and eco-friendly practices.